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Hamid Sanat Fard Co.

Hamid Sanat Fard co. established and registered in 1995 under no: 112709 in Tehran. It was targeted to produce automobile spare parts and industrial machinery molds. In 2007 it was transferred to Robat Karim notary office under the registration no: 742. Presently this company designs new products and is a mass producer of different parts and assemblies. These parts are being sent to the customer´s production line directly.

Production line
HFS CO. has 4 separate production lines as below:
1- Different types of fuel filters.
2- Plastic injection line equipped with blow & injection molding machines.
3- Filler tube production line, including corrugated pipe producing machine for producing corrugated pipe and ultrasonic device and assembling them.
4- Different types of tank separators.
Research and development
Hamid Sanat Fard co. is specialized in redesigning steel parts and assemblies into polymer products intending to reduce expenses, increase quality and consistancy, accelerate production speed and decreasing weight of produced parts. This company successfully has received many ECN from domestic car manufacturers.
HFS Co. received IQ NET & ISO/TS 16946 certifications from DQS Germany in 2003. Also this company has received grade A certification from SAIPA Sazeh Gostar and SAPCO companies.
HSF Co. laboratory is equipped with destructive and non-destructive test equipment. This equipment includes filter, vibration, salt spray, vacuum, leak, tensile, and UV test devices for testing different filters, polymer, non-polymer and all other parts of fuel lines. All tests in this laboratory are carried up according to international standards.

Conversion of metal parts to polymer parts

 Increasing quality, speed and consistency


Quality of products can pave the path for company`s targets

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